Bajaj Freedom Bike Has Been Launched In India: Price Of Less Than 1 Lakh

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Bajaj Freedom Bajaj Freedom Bike has been launched in India at a starting price of Rs 95,000. It is the world’s first CNG motorcycle and is available in three variants – Freedom 125 Disc LED, Freedom 125 Drum LED and Freedom 125 Drum. The top two variants will cost you Rs 1.10 lakh and Rs 1.05 lakh respectively. All prices are ex-showroom.

Bajaj Freedom Bike

The Bajaj Freedom has a 2 kg CNG tank that is cleverly placed in the middle region of the bike and this helps in optimizing the weight distribution. The 2-litre petrol tank is placed above and ahead of the CNG tank, usually where you find fuel tanks in conventional motorcycles.

When you consider the capacities of the CNG and petrol tanks, the claimed range is around 330 km. The rider can switch between the two fuels with the flick of a switch. And for those who are wondering, there is a common filler cap for both CNG and petrol.

The bike is powered by a 125cc, air-cooled

The bike is powered by a 125cc, air-cooled, single cylinder engine that produces 9.5bhp at 8,000rpm and 9.7Nm at 6,000rpm. The engine is paired to a five-speed gearbox.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Body

Under the bodywork of the Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG bike is a tubular trolley frame with a telescope fork and a limited mono shaft. It will get a 7-inch front wheel and a 16-inch rear wheel. While it has disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Specification

The Freedom 125 CNG bike variant comes with many important features including LED headlight, a dirt bike style fuel tank, long seat, a skilful tail section, Bluetooth connectivity, digital instrument cluster, tail light, front light indicator, braking system.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Mileage

Bajaj Freedom is a 125cc single cylinder engine that runs on both petrol and CNG. The CNG tank is placed under the seat. The engine gives a peak torque of 9.5Ps and 9.7nm. It can be run for 230 km after just filling the CNG cylinder. That is, the bike will give a mileage of 115 km in 1 kg of CNG. Combining both petrol and CNG, this bike is going to give a range of up to 330 km.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Price

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG launched | Bajaj Automobile Company has launched its Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG bike in three variants. The price of this bike has been kept at only 95000 rupees. The special thing is that this bike has a switch for CNG and petrol. That is, the bike will change from petrol to CNG with just one button.

  • Freedom 125 NG04 Disc LED – Rs. 1,10,000
  • Freedom 125 NG04 Drum LED – Rs. 105000
  • Freedom 125 NG04 Drum – Rs. 95000

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Variants

Bajaj has launched this famous CNG bike in three variants. Customers will get options like Bajaj Freedom 125 NG04 Disc LED, Freedom 125 NG04 Drum LED and Freedom 125 NG04 Drum. The base variant of the bike is priced at Rs 95000. The mid variant is priced at Rs 1.05 lakh and the top variant is priced at Rs 1,10000.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Booking

Friends, if you are also planning to buy this amazing CNG + petrol bike from Bajaj, then the company has started its booking. Soon Bajaj’s Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG bike will gradually reach customers through showrooms in other cities of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. However, you can book it by visiting the nearest showroom.