Decohere-Free Live AI Image Generator: How to create Live AI Image


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Today many AI tools can generate images based on your given prompts. But have you used Free Live AI Image Generator? Let’s understand how to create Live AI image?

Imagine, you put your imagination into colors, draw pictures in words, and in just a few clicks those pictures and videos appear in front of you!

This is the magic of Decohere, which turns your thoughts into reality using the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

What is Decohere?

Decohere is an AI-powered tool that turns text prompts into engaging images and videos. Decohere is an AI-powered image and video generator that turns text prompts into images and creates short videos by animating the images. It is available to use via a web browser on both mobile and desktop, and provides users with a user-friendly experience of creating AI-generated content.

How does Decohere-Live AI Image Generator work?

  • You put your imagination into text, like “A cute puppy is playing on the beach”.
  • Decohere understands your words and processes them through an AI model.
  • In just a few seconds, you get an image or video that matches your prompt!


What can you do with Decohere?

  • Unlimited possibilities: You can create any image you can imagine on Decohere, whether it’s artwork, landscapes, people, or any crazy idea.
  • Quick and easy: Decohere is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is type a few words and Decohere will do the rest.
  • High quality: Decohere AI models generate amazing quality images and videos.
  • Customization: You can change your images and videos in different aspects, resolutions, and styles.
  • Video: Decohere also lets you create engaging videos by animating your images.

How to use Decohere?

To start using Decohere for free, visit There are three main sections:

  • Explore: See examples of images generated by Decohere.
  • Create: Create your own images and videos.
  • Library: Access, download, and share your creations.
  1. Visit and create a free account.
  2. Go to the “Create” page and write your prompt.
  3. Click the “Generate” button and let Decohere work its magic.
  4. You can customize your image or video in different ways.
  5. Save your artwork to the “Library” and share it with others.

Features of Decohere AI

  • Writing Prompts:
  • Generating Video:
  • Upscaling:
  • Reference Person:
  • Support:

How to create live images with Decohere AI

  • Go to the Create page and sign in.
  • Type a prompt in the prompt box and watch your image being generated in real time.

Image Variations – To see variations of your image:

  • On desktop: Click on the image to the left/right of center, or use ctrl/cmd + left/right arrow keys.
  • On mobile: Tap on the center image or swipe left/right.

How to write prompts for Decohere AI Image Generator

Basic prompting– Write a short description of the image you want. The AI ​​evaluates all words, so remove unnecessary words.

Don’t: “Please generate an image of a cabin in the woods”
Do this: “Cabin in the woods”

Avoid negativity- Only describe what you want to see. Negative instructions can give unexpected results.

Wrong: “A living room with absolutely zero elephants”
Correct: “A living room”

Example of an effective prompt: “Aesthetic portrait of a woman wearing a green outfit in a sci-fi dystopian city at golden hour, storms in the background. Character design by Dayer, detailed, inked, western comic book art, award-winning film poster painting.”

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