Easy Ways to Check Car Insurance Status Online: mParivahan, Vaahan, RTO


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When you have car insurance, you get compensation for the damage caused to your vehicle. If your vehicle causes damage to any other person, vehicle or property, the insurance company also pays the compensation. The insurance company also bears the burden of dealing with the court process in determining compensation. If a vehicle is caught without insurance, it can result in a fine of Rs 2000 or 3 months in jail. In case of serious negligence, both the punishments can be given together.

Therefore, it is important to get your vehicle insured. If the insurance period has expired, it should be renewed immediately. In this article we will know how to check car insurance? How to check online, how to check through mobile and how to check offline?

While checking car insurance, keep in mind that-

  • The complete number of the vehicle should be written together. There should be no gap between letters or numbers. Do not insert any kind of dash (-) in between.
    For example, your vehicle number is UP 70 DR 8527. While checking car insurance, it will be written like this – UP70DR8527
  • If you have purchased a vehicle within the last 2 months, your vehicle insurance details may not be visible online. The reason behind this is that initially, insurance companies submit only the chassis number and engine number of new vehicles with the IIB (Insurance Information Bureau). Insurance details will be sent later.

How to check car insurance

To check your vehicle insurance, you have the following methods:

  • mParivahan App
  • Vaahan Portal
  • Insurance company/Branch office
  • RTO office

Checking car insurance through mParivahan App

The Transport Ministry has released mParivahan App which runs on mobile. On this, many types of facilities related to transport sector are available online. The way to know the validity of vehicle insurance through this is as follows –

  1. Install mParivahan App on your mobile. You can install it from Google play store or Apple’s App Store.
  2. Open mParivahan App. Select the language in which you want to receive information. After this tap on the Continue button.
  3. In the Dashboard that will open on the screen, there are options to get information in two ways. With the help of RC (vehicle registration number) of the vehicle or with the help of DL (driving license) number. Here we will use only RC or vehicle number option.
  4. Enter the vehicle registration number in the empty box and click on the search icon.
  5. Now you will get the option to sign in, tap on Yes.
  6. To sign in you will have to enter your registered mobile number. Registered Mobile Number is the number which you had given along with the vehicle registration number. After this tap on the Continue button.
  7. A 6 digit OTP number will come through SMS on your registered mobile number. Put it in the OTP box. Then, tap on the ‘Verify’ button.
  8. With this, you are signed in to mParivahan App. Now you can check the registration and insurance related details of any vehicle by entering its vehicle number (RC).
  9. Enter the vehicle number in the empty box in front of the RC and tap on the search icon present on the right side.
  10. Your vehicle details will appear on the screen. This will include the following information-
  • Name of vehicle owner (few letters)
  • Registration RTO office
  • Vehicle category (two-wheeler or four-wheeler)
  • RC status (active or not)
  • Fuel Type (Petrol/Diesel)
  • Age of Vehicle
  • vehicle registration date
  • Vehicle insurance expiry date

How to check car insurance on Vahan Portal

You can also check your vehicle insurance online. For this, the Ministry of Transport, Government of India has released Vaahan Portal. The method of checking insurance with its help is as follows –

  • Open Vaahan portal. Its link is – https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/
  • Click on the tab “Know your vehicle details” present in the main menu on the homepage
  • You will be asked to enter your mobile number. If your mobile number is already registered on Vaahan Portal then click on the Next button.
  • If the mobile number is not already registered on Vaahan Portal then click on Create account. To create an account you will have to
  • complete the following steps- Once you click on Create account, 2 empty boxes will appear on the screen. Enter your mobile number in the first empty box. Enter your email id in the second empty box. Then, click on the Generate OTP button.
  • Separate OTP numbers will come on your mobile number and email ID. Put them in both the OTP boxes. After this, click on the Verify button.
  • Once the OTP is verified, you will be asked to set your password. Complete the login process by setting the password. Now you can login anytime with the help of your mobile number and password. Its process is as follows-
  1. Open Vaahan portal. Its link is- https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/faces/user/citizen/citizenlogin.xhtml
  2. Click on Know Your Vehicle Details present in the main menu.
  3. The CITIZEN LOGIN box appears in front of you. Enter the mobile number in the empty box present in it and click on the Next button.
  4. Now enter the password of your login account and click on the Continue button.
  5. Enter your vehicle number (registration number) in the empty box above. Enter the Captcha Verification Code in the empty box below. After this click on the Vaahan Search button.
  • The main details of that vehicle will appear in front of you. This will include the following information-
  1. vehicle registration number
  2. Car model and company
  3. Type of Fuel
  4. RTO office area
  5. vehicle owner name
  6. Registration date
  7. Last date of fitness and status of payment of MV Tax (Motor Vehicle Tax). MV Tax is commonly called Road Tax.
  8. Insurance Validity (date of expiry of insurance) and Validity of PUCC (Vehicle Pollution Certificate).

Know the details by contacting your vehicle’s insurance company.

The insurance company with which you have insured your vehicle also has all the details related to that policy. There are two ways to get these details from the insurance company –

Call Customer Care Number

Most of the insurance companies are offering solutions to customer problems with the help of toll free number or email and SMS. You can know the insurance related details by calling the company directly and with the help of your vehicle number.

Go to the insurance company office

You can also know the insurance details of your vehicle by visiting the office of the insurance company or contacting a vehicle insurance agent. If you provide them your policy number and other required information, they will tell you the details related to the insurance of your vehicle.

Know the status of insurance by contacting the regional RTO office.

You can also get the details related to the insurance of your vehicle from the RTO office where your vehicle is registered. You can get these details from them by giving the registration number of your vehicle and other required information.


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