OpenAI’s GPT-4o update: Features and Uses of ChatGPT 4o


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OpenAI’s big bang! Better AI for all. OpenAI introduces a new, powerful AI model, GPT-4o! Not only is it very powerful, but the special thing is that it also brings many advanced features for the free ChatGPT users. With this, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will reach more people than before and will be useful to everyone.

What is GPT-4o?

GPT-4o is actually just as intelligent as GPT-4, but it’s even faster and better at understanding text, voice, and images. For example, you take a photo of a menu in a foreign language, GPT-4o can translate it, tell you what dish it is, and even give you meal suggestions! In the coming time, it will also be able to talk to you directly and explain things by showing videos.

Now in more languages!

  • To benefit more people than ever before, this new model understands more than 50 languages. With this, people all over the world can use it.

Free advanced features for all

  • In earlier models, advanced features were only for paid users, but this is not the case with GPT-4o! Now you can also upload screenshots and documents, analyze information, create charts, and chat about the photos you take, all for free.

Bringing More Intelligence and Advanced Tools to Free Users

There are even more benefits coming to Free ChatGPT users over the next few weeks:

  • GPT-4-like intelligence: Even free users can now take advantage of the power of GPT-4o.
  • Information from the Internet: Get information directly from the Internet while you chat.
  • Data Analysis and Charts: Upload files and get help understanding, writing, or creating charts.
  • Image Interaction: Talk to GPT-4o about the photos you take. He will give you information about them.
  • Memory: GPT-4o can remember your past conversations, making your experience more personal.

However, free users will be able to send only a limited number of messages at a time. If the limit is reached, ChatGPT will automatically switch to GPT-3.5 so that your service is not interrupted.

Chat even easier on your desktop with GPT

To make your job even easier, we’re launching a new ChatGPT desktop app for macOS. Some of its features are:

  • Instant Access: Ask questions directly to ChatGPT by simply pressing Option + Space on your keyboard.
  • Voice chat: Start a voice conversation directly from your computer by pressing the headphones icon in the desktop app.
  • Screenshot discussions: Take screenshots and chat about them right in the app.

The app is available to Plus users starting today, and will be available to everyone in a few weeks. There are also plans to launch a Windows version by the end of this year.

Features and Uses of Chat GPT 4o


  • Based on transformer model, fast and efficient
  • More parameters, higher accuracy
  • Ability to communicate in different languages
  • Ability to understand larger contexts and respond appropriately


  • Blogs, Articles, Stories, Scripts
  • Chatbots, Email Responses
  • Tutoring, Lesson Planning, Teaching Materials
  • Medical literature, patient questions, health advice

New look of Chat GPT 4o

We’re introducing a new, simpler and more conversation-like interface to ChatGPT. This includes changes to the home screen, message layout, and more to improve your experience.

GPT-4o, where the “o” stands for “omni” (everything), is a big step toward more natural interactions between humans and computers. It can take any kind of input like text, voice, image and video and respond in the same manner. Worth noting is that GPT-4o can respond to voice input in just 232 milliseconds, which is comparable to the response time of humans. This further increases the ability to communicate in real time.

The power of GPT-4o

  • Understanding everything at once: GPT-4o can understand voice, video and text at the same time. For example, you can show it a live sports game and it can immediately explain to you what’s going on.
  • Fast and affordable: Compared to the previous model GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4o is twice as fast and half the price. In simple words, it gives better performance for less money.
  • Improved image and voice understanding: GPT-4o understands images and voice better than previous models.

Many security measures have been incorporated into GPT-4o to ensure it can be used safely. Additionally, its risks have been identified and mitigated with the help of more than 70 experts.

Starting today, you can use GPT-4o for text and images on ChatGPT. Free users will be allowed a limited amount of usage, while Plus users will get the facility to send more messages. Developers can take advantage of GPT-4o through a new API. In the coming weeks, select partners will also be able to use GPT-4o for voice and video.

Future of Chat GPT- 4o

We’re excited that GPT-4o will make people’s work, creativity, and everyday life easier. We will continue to expand the capabilities of artificial intelligence, so stay tuned and wait for upcoming updates. To try GPT-4o, sign up or log in now by visiting

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