Tata AIA Life Insurance launches ‘Flexi Growth Fund’


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Tata AIA Life Insurance launches ‘Flexi Growth Fund’ Tata AIA Life Insurance( Tata AIA) has introduced’ Flexi Growth Fund’ that allows policyholders to invest in large, medial and small cap space. The New Fund Offering( NFO) with unit- linked products window will remain open until December 31, 2023, at a NAV of ₹ 10 per unit.

” At any given time, the NFO can be stoutly fat or light across large/ medial/ small caps, depending on its attractiveness. It can pick and choose sectors to invest in grounded on the outlook,” Tata AIA Life Insurance said.

opining on the Flexi Growth Fund launch, Harshad Patil, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer( CIO) of Tata AIA, said, “ Tata AIA Flexi Growth Fund will invest in stocks across request capitalisation to induce capital appreciation in the long run. In order to maintain inflexibility, the fund will invest in precisely named companies offering openings across large, medial, and small- cap macrocosm.”

Tata AIA Life Insurance launches ‘Flexi Growth Fund’

To induce capital appreciation in the long run, 70- 100 of the fund’s investments will be made in equity and equity- related instruments and 0- 30 in debt and plutocrat request instruments.

Tata AIA policyholders can invest in this fund through the company’s ULIP immolations, including Fortune Pro, Wealth Pro, Fortune Maxima, etc. They can also invest in the fund through ILP resultse.g. Param Rakshak Plus or the recently launchedPro-fit, the life insurance establishment said.

As of November 30, 2023, the company’s total Asset Under Management( AUM) was ₹ 86,729 crore. Check out our in- depth Market Coverage, Business News & get real- time Stock Market Updates on CNBC- TV18. Also, Watch our channels CNBC- TV18, CNBC Awaaz and CNBC Bajar Live on- the- go!

The CIS is set to include all introductory information regarding an insurance policy, presented in easy- to- understand language. Policyholders will find details similar as the policy name and number, content information, sum ensured, rejections, staying ages, limits to content, and the claims process.

New rules regarding the purchase and trade of SIM cards

The government is gearing up to change the rules regarding the purchase and trade of SIM cards. The decision has been taken after witnessing the rising cases of spam, swindles and online fraud which were witnessed this time- 2023.

The new regulation will be enforced from January 1, 2024, by bringing significant changes to the SIM card accession process. Bima Trinity action launch in 2024

The Bima Trinity design, which includes Bima Sugam, Bima Vistaar, and Bima Vaahak, is anticipated to take off coming time at different intervals. Bima Sugam, which is an online business encompassing the entire client trip from buying to servicing, is anticipated to make the availability of insurance much easier.

Bima Vistaar promises to be a revolutionary insurance product that seeks to offer affordable protection to the millions. It’s anticipated to be launched by January 2024.

Bima Vaahak is a women- centric distribution channel at the Gram Sabha position that aims to empower women by educating them about the benefits of comprehensive insurance therefore enabling their fiscal security. collective finances, demat account holders nomination deadline to end on June 30

collective finances and demat account holders are needed to nominate a devisee or conclude out of it by June 30, 2024. still, SEBI may indurate disbenefits from their effects, If investors miss the nomination deadline. This means investors will not be suitable to withdraw from collective finances or use their demat accounts for trading.

Aadhaar free update by March 14

The Unique Identification Authority of India( UIDAI) has handed time till March 14, 2024, for free updation of Aadhaar. This service is, still, free only on the myAadhaar gate and attracts a figure of ₹ 50 at physical Aadhaar centres, as in the case before. Income duty return form deadline to end on July 31

Under income duty laws, ITR form is an periodic exertion seen as a duty of every responsible citizen of the nation. Taxpayers can claim the refund of the redundant duty paid subtracted during a fiscal time by filing it. The deadline for filing an income duty return( ITR) for the fiscal time 2023- 2024( assessment time 2024- 2025) will end on July 31, 2024.

Advance duty payment instalments

The duty which is paid within the same fiscal time in which the income is earned is called advance duty. It’s paid in four instalments. 15 of the total duty liability must be paid by June 15, while 45 must be paid by September 14. This includes the investiture paid in June.

By December 15, the liability is 75 which includes instalments of June and September. By March 15, the entire duty which is 100 must be paid, as per the income duty law.
duty saving investment

The deadline for duty- saving investments for FY2023- 24 will end on March 31, 2024. Tax planning is one of the important measures for fiscal planning as the main ideal is to reduce duty liability and save further. The lower duty bone has to pay, the further disposable income bone has.

Long-Term Care Insurance: Navigating the Path to Future Healthcare Security

While taking advantage of the duty- saving options available, one can save a significant quantum of levies.