Telegram Ad Platform: Telegram Launches Monetization Program for Channel Owners in 2024


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Now you are going to earn big money from Telegram. Top officials of the company have announced this. The company plans to share the ad revenue of the channel with owner. Let us know the complete plan of the company.

You will soon be able to earn money on Telegram. Telegram is about to launch an advertising platform for channel owners. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has revealed plans to launch the company’s advertising platform on this month. With its help, channel owners will get a chance to get financial rewards. The advertising platform will work on the TON blockchain, in which rewards will be given in Toncoin.

What is Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based fast-growing messaging app. It is available both for desktop and mobile and is known for its high-level of information security. Created in Russia, Telegram is now widely used in many countries around the world. It is the third most downloaded messenger app, with India, Russia, and the United States as leading markets.

Telegram has a competitive edge over other messengers both in terms of communication and monetization as it allows users to create full-fledged easy-to-make channels. Another advantage of Telegram is that there is no advertising on the app. This attracts educated audiences who are in the know about the latest online trends.

Telegram statistics

Here are some facts about Telegram which may be useful to marketers.

  • About 15 billion messages are sent daily on the app.
  • Telegram has 800 million active users.
  • The app has spent $0 on advertising.
  • 85% of Telegram users are on Android devices.
  • Telegram is available in 66 languages.
  • There are 58.6% men and about 41.4% women on Telegram.
  • The largest age groups are 25-34-year-olds (31%) and 18-24-year-olds (22%).

Telegram channel owners will be able to earn money

Channel owners will start getting 50% of the revenue from advertisements shown on their channels. Let us tell you, Telegram channels have millions of viewers. Telegram reportedly receives one trillion views monthly. Only 10% of these views are currently monetized through Telegram ads. But now channel owners will also be able to benefit from this.

Telegram channel owners will be able to do monetization

With the arrival of Telegram advertising platform, content monetization will be possible for channel owners in 100 countries. However, the company has not yet made any disclosure regarding how the channel owners will receive this revenue.

To ensure that everyone can get better advertisements, Telegram is especially going to take the help of TON blockchain. The goal of this strategy is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem, where content creators will be able to decide whether they want to cash out their Toncoin or use it for channel promotion.

Earning will be done in blockchain

According to the report, Telegram channel owners will now earn from advertisements. The company will share about 50 percent of the advertising revenue with them. The company has named it Reward and this reward will be received from Toncoin in the form of TON blockchain. It has started from today i.e. 1st March 2024.

Telegram broadcast channel’s views cross 1 trillion

According to a report, the monthly views of Telegram’s broadcast channel have crossed 1 trillion, although only 10 percent of these views are monetized on which Telegram ads are seen. Telegram Ads has been launched for all types of advertisers from March 2024. Telegram Ads has been launched in about 100 new countries. This has been announced by Telegram CEO Pavel Durov.

Telegram’s global reach

Following the announcement, there has been a significant surge in the TON token. It has increased by almost 40% to more than $2.92. This revenue model will be exactly like YouTube. YouTube gives 55% of the advertising revenue to creators in its YouTube Partner Program. Telegram will also work in this format.

More than 800 million or 80 crore people around the world use Telegram every month. The launch of Telegram’s ad platform will be very beneficial for those channel owners who want to monetize their content. With this they will be able to produce content in a better way.