What will be the Easy Trip Share Price Target by 2024, 2025 2026 And 2030?


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Talking about EaseMyTrip stock, today it has become the second largest travel company and more than 11 lakh customers are happy with it.

If you go to EaseMyTrip’s site, you will see that EaseMyTrip provides a lot of services like booking tickets, bus, taxi booking, air ticket booking, train booking, hotel booking and giving holiday packages to travel. The company does this and this work is going on at a very good scale.

How Easemytrip earned Rs 40 crore even during COVID

Ease My Trip company has been continuously profitable since its inception. Even when all the companies were in a frenzy due to COVID, Ease My Trip was still in profit. How did this happen?

Easy Trip Share Price Target 2025

Let us know that at the time of COVID, despite the weak balance sheet, he gave advances to airlines and bus services and also provided liquidity to hotels.

Due to which they started getting huge commission due to which Ease My Trip earned more than Rs 40 crore in 2022, which is a very good number. Why will the shares of such a company not last till 2030? Know further how far the Easy Trip Share Price Target 2030 share can go.

What is the future of Ease My Trip share?

Apart from this, their travel plans are so attractive that anyone can get attracted to them. Like they have an EMTPRo plan in which if someone enrolls then they are offering 1 night free on booking 2 nights.

Not only this, 5% discount offer is also available on bus and train booking and air tickets. The future of a company working with strong offers should be bright.

Easy Trip Share Price Target 2024

Friends, YouTube is such a platform that can play a big role in the stock reaching Easy Trip Share Price Target 2024.

Because a new trend has started on YouTube these days and that is Vlogging, big YouTubers like Dhruv Rathee keep posting travel vlogs on their YouTube channel.

Easy Trip Share Price Target 2025

EASE MY TRIP is working in countries like New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, England and Philippines. If we talk about their franchise stores, their first franchise was in Patna, after which the company increased its visibility further.

Now also in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Patiala Punjab and Ludhiana. So you can see that the company is expanding its business well.

Considering such growth of the company, if we talk about Easy Trip Share Price Target 2025, then by 2025 this share can touch 320 and its second target is likely to be 450.

Easy Trip Share Price Target 2026

For the last few days, the price of this share has started increasing and the biggest reason for this is our Modi ji because recently he went to Lakshadweep and posted some videos and photos due to which such travel agencies are benefiting. Due to which the shares of Easemytrip also went up well.

What is the share market cap of Easemytrip?

Easemytrip’s share market cap in 2024 is ₹ 7,848.37 Cr.

Ease My Trip Share Price Target 2027

Friends, the debt of the company is equal to zero and if you see the net sales of the company, it is increasing every year. Apart from this, you can see that the net profit of the company is also increasing every year.

If you look at the chart in the last few years, compare the performance of Easemytrip with the previous years and you can see its increasing chart.

But the promoters of the company have done some work this year which is a negative thing. But if we talk about other parameters, the company has been in growth for the last many years.

Easemytrip Share Price Target 2028

Friends, let me tell you some positive things about this company, after reading which you can research yourself what can happen by Easy Trip Share Price Target 2028.

How high can EaseMyTrip Share Price Target reach by 2030?

Friends, India’s economic condition has come third in the world, hence due to this the craze for travel in India is increasing day by day.
And recently, the world’s largest temple, Ram Temple, has been built in Ayodhya by the Modi government, on which more than Rs 1,000 crore has been spent.

To summarize, we have presented EASEMYTRIP share price target 2024, 2025, 2026, and up to 2030, based on the most recent trading data and algorithms. These targets serve as potential support and resistance levels for the coming years.

It is important to note that although these price targets are based on technical analysis, other market conditions and news can also impact the stock’s performance. Therefore, these hypothetical goals should be used as guidelines and not financial advice. Always do your due diligence before making any investment.

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